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Chapter Eight

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Order of Importance for Singing the Mass

Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales

Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales / Liturgy Office

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops / Music in Catholic Worship (1972)

Licensing and Copyright
(Note: An overview is in Chapter Seven Resources.)

Administers copyrights of hymns and other liturgical music in the UK, including Taizé music. It represents many publishers and organisations, giving access to a large proportion of the repertoire used particularly, but not exclusively, in Catholic liturgy, and allowing reproduction of the words and melody lines of the pieces covered under the scheme. It offers two levels of service:

  • An annual licence - mainly taken up by churches or Christian communities.
  • Special permission for individual or one-time use, e.g. a workshop or special service.

Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI)
Aims to inform, inspire and equip worship ministry. As agents to Motion Picture Licensing Company (MPLC), Performing Right Society (PRS) and the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA), the organisation is able to offer a range of licences.

Christian Music Group, EMI Christian Music
Includes artists Graham Kendrick, Chris Tomlin, Rebecca St James, Matt Redman and Delirious.

Music and Liturgy Resources

CJM Music
A particularly good website for Mass settings and Psalms, available in CD, book and music form. Recommended songs include: "The Promise", "Imagine A World", "The Crossing", "And Again I Say Rejoice", "Rejoice And Sing". Matt Maher's music can be obtained from CJM, including: The End and the Beginning, which contains useful Mass parts and worship songs. The New Resources section is useful; you can download the sheet music for the Psalm each Sunday, listen to the track online, and also access PowerPoint resources.

GIA Music
Site for American composers, Marty Haugen, Liam Lawton, David Haas, Taizé, Iona and liturgy study materials. Recommended CDs by Marty Haugen include: Up From the Waters - Music for Christian Initiation, The Song and the Silence Anthology I, II, III, Beneath the Tree of Life. His music can also be found in Laudate (see Books and Articles).
All publications are available in the UK from

Really good for short repetitive pieces of music and Psalms, and Celtic music, often with a social justice slant.

Catholic Church in England and Wales - Liturgy Office
"Spirit of the Season" is published twice termly, distributed free of charge through the website or diocesan RE centres and liturgy contacts. Including reflection and information for use in worship, it is particularly useful for children, but also accessible for young people.

Maltfriscan Music
CDs and music available via the website. Inspirational, good for Psalms, Mass settings and reflective music.

National Association of Pastoral Musicians.
A really good website for planning music and liturgy.

Oregon Catholic Press (OCP)
Includes the music of Paul Inwood, the St Louis Jesuits, St Thomas More Group, Matt Maher, Christopher Walker, John Michael Talbot and Bernadette Farrell. Bernadette Farrell's music, in particular, is useful for general liturgy (Mass settings), especially the Psalms. Recommended songs by her include: "Go Before Us", "Restless Is The Heart", "Christ Be Our Light". Her music can also be found in Laudate (see Books and Articles).

The ecumenical community based in France. Taizé music is prayerful and reflective, and usually fairly short.

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