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Youth Work Forum

A new partnership with

Here at Revealed Online we are very excited to announce a new partnership - with immediate effect we will be working closely with, an established and ever-growing forum for Catholic youth ministry.

We were very keen to establish ties with the forum as soon as we came across it - there is a huge buzz online about the work we do with Catholic young people and on the forum you can discuss ideas, meet other people who are working in the field and generally get things off your chest.

Why not use the forum to let us know what you think of Revealed?

It's free to join and easy to use - all you need do is create an account. Click on "forum" at the top of any page of Revealed Online to check it out.

Revealed is a new multimedia initiative from Redemptorist Publications. The main resource is published in a 100-page advice-packed book, which you can find out more about, and purchase a copy here

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